• December 11, 2020

Outback Queensland restaurants want heads up on visiting food vans, but council won’t budge

Restaurants want advance notice of food vans visiting an outback Queensland town to adjust for the drop in business, but the local council isn’t coming to the table.

With COVID restrictions cancelling many festivals and outdoor events, food vans are making ends meet by setting up on the situs slot online streets of small towns like Longreach in western Queensland.

Longreach restauranteur Leanne Kohler, who owns Darcy’s Diner and BB’s Bistro, isn’t against the food vans.

She just wants the council to warn her of their arrival so she can roster fewer staff and order less perishable food to cater for the extra competition.

“When the food vans are here, you could actually close your doors at three o’clock, five o’clock,” she said.

“You could save yourself the cost of being open because you’re not getting the patronage.”